Are you considering launching your own E-commerce shop?

Are high startup costs and monthly fees putting you off?

We believe TDT Online will provide you with the best service for money as compared to other vendors such as Shopify:


1. We Save You Valuable Time

You choose a domain name and template and we take care of the design and configuration of your WooCommerce shop.

2. We Reduce Your Risks

We operate cost-effectively and pass these savings on to you, aimed at reducing your fixed monthly costs and therefore your business risks.

3. We Are Partners

Since we get paid a percentage of the sales, we both have a shared interest in the long-term growth of your online business. We don’t charge you an hourly fee for future design changes or enhancements (which is the norm in the industry) but instead work with you as partners to improve your online shop where we can as part of our service.

Below you can find a comparison of entry-level packages of both TDT Online and Shopify.

Ask yourself, what value do you get for paying an additional 65% of fixed monthly costs?

Fixed Monthly Costs


Secured Connection (SSL)

International Payment Options

Mobile Friendly Design

(M-Commerce Ready)

Website Design Included

Website Configuration Included

Email Hosting

TDT Online



(~ $17.50)

Basic Shopify


(+ ~65%)